the song machine

by The Cigarettes

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tascam 4track, lançado em fita K7 em 1999
produzido por Eduardo Ramos e Marcelo Colares


released November 9, 1999



all rights reserved


The Cigarettes Brazil

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Track Name: I know you well
I know you well
suddenly you gonna start to find
all my ideas kind of weird
all my tunes too näive

for me it's fine
as long as I can be with you
for a slender twist of truth
for a little part of our youth

with no regret
without being rude
till you start to find myself untrue
till you start to find myself unkind and rude
as you never think you could

but then suddenly, really soon, very soon
everything is gonna get really clear
then you'll be the real stupid my dear
then you are the stupid
then you are blind
Track Name: Ocean Waves
holding tight and feeling fine
we're going through the ocean waves
we cry
we laugh
we die
and drown into the time

turning on and turning out
we're going through the ocean waves of mind
we laugh
we die
and drown into the universal mind
Track Name: Totally Shit
totally shit around
would you like to handle me in disgrace?
totally shit around
I am struggling with my pain

and I can feel no blame
for those days at trigger fields

I'm totally shit
I'm feeling so dirt
remember the joy you gave me one day
Track Name: A sea of coffee
when it's hard to concentrate on simple things
and you try to separate all
in numbers and signs
just to see if this way
you keep going in time
just to find a way to not
desacelerate the time
Track Name: You know I love you
you know I love you
yes it's silly but it's true
I have nothing left to lose
you know I love you

I heard that you say
you were running away
from me for what I've done
from me cos' I'm not the only one
cos' I'm already gone to you
Track Name: a strange way to live
Track Name: hard to find
I'm not gonna kill you anymore
I'm not gonna cry for you anymore
I'm not gonna miss you anymore
I'm not gonna kill myself anymore

You don't deserve it at all

your heart's just a cold noise burning in white
scattering flames around, upon, above, behind

I've been looking for somebody just fine
and it's so hard to find
Track Name: humanitarianism
I need sometime to get up
when I wake up I feel so trashy
nothing more than a complex of unknown cells destructed
by my inner sense of weakness
by my sense of disbelief in this world
in you and me, in all this sickness,

I ignore your commands cos' you coward and ill
I supose you entirely destructed all your fears
all I care is about my independent career
and doesn't matter how
doesn't matter my dear

I neglect all your rules
I refuse to give up
yeah I am still a retarded
but I'm still standing here
Track Name: Hey My Friend
hey my friend I'll never be alone
I doesn't matter to me how can you find yourself so attractive

I'm gonna say to you why are you
being so fucking smart
I'm gonna tell you then
be my friend, love my soul, fall apart
Track Name: slow mo' pictures of my mind
slow mo' pictures of my mind
exploding fast where horizon lies
my senses are fading out
inside my skull there's a crumble

what else should I've done?
what am I supposed to do now but sing along?
as I am
as I do now

all the beasts are crying out
Track Name: a leaf falls
well I was wrong when I said
that I would born when you were dead

now you don't love me anymore
now that I love you more and more

now you don't
Track Name: so fucked up
there's no place for me in this world
I'm so lonely
I'm still fucked up
I'm so lonely still I'm so fucked up

remember the time when we were younger
but now I don't know why
it feels so great and fine
to be here again
are you my friend?
Track Name: Time Will Come
time will come
when I
when I will feel
too much younger
and too much better
than now
cos' today is just a bad day
that's all